GeoDigital Insight is setting a new standard for linear asset visibility.

See More. Know More. Do More.

Utilities are investing billions each year to make grids smarter and keep the lights on.

But when it comes to the understanding the condition of their biggest linear assets, their poles and wires network, utilities are still in the dark. The smart grid is no silver bullet. The business case for replacing the vast and aging transmission and distribution grid is tenuous and monitoring technology can come with its own reliability challenges.

GeoDigital Insight unlocks a ‘virtual grid’ to help utilities quickly make remote decisions on the health of their linear assets and threats in their environment. By virtualizing the asset inspection and vegetation management processes, costs are reduced, safety is increased, network reliability is enhanced and regulatory compliance can be simplified.

With GeoDigital Insight, you can:

Gain a precise 3D perspective of your assets via regularly refreshed, remotely-sensed big spatial data

Make objective decisions using our predictive algorithms and intelligent recommendations engine

Track all work to completion by using the Insight location-centric, mobility software

Significant Business Benefits

Transforming business processes from manual to virtual to reduce business risk

Integrated Decision Support

Reduce business risk by having visibility into critical situations

Turning Insight Into Action

Speed resolution with integrated location-based work software to to turn insight into action

A Digital History

Track key decisions and actions taken to better manage business processes, enable continual improvement, and maintain electronic records

One Source of Spatial Insight

Combine multiple data collection efforts into one source for geospatial decision-making

Keeping Situational Awareness Current

Annual data refresh keeps your geospatial view current. Access your data fast through our spatial viewer

Built-in Business Processes

Preconfigured best-practice business processes transform traditional approaches from manual and labor intensive to digital and optimized