GeoDigital offers a distinct and fully compliant “Insight for Utilities” solution that delivers transmission aerial surveys, LiDAR & Imagery acquisition, FAC-003 vegetation analytics, web delivery with 3D right-of-way visualization, and a comprehensive vegetation and line inspection work management software. The WorkStudio Software Suite manages utility work, including engineering design, vegetation management, inspections, audits and cycle-based maintenance planning. By combining Insight software with GeoDigital’s LiDAR data acquisition services, utilities can identify work required, cost-effectively allocate work to field personnel, track work as its being completed, and generate reports and analysis.

GeoDigital was formed in 1996 and has established its headquarters in Atlanta, Georgia.  Other offices are located in Houston, TX, Lompoc, CA and GeoDigital’s software division is headquartered in St. Paul, MN. Over 100 utilities and thousands of end-users use the Insight for Utilities platform every day.