About GeoDigital

Atlanta-based GeoDigital uses 3D data, remote sensor and spatial intelligence technologies to connect critical infrastructure with people, cars and machines. The mission: Drive safety, reliability, productivity and innovation in the 3D virtual world.

Founded in 2005, GeoDigital has 140 employees and operates in the United States, Canada, and Australia. Its investors include NGP Energy Technology Partners, North Sky Capital, EnerTech Capital and Emerald Technology Ventures.


See More. Know More. Do More.

Utilities are investing billions each year to make grids smarter and keep the lights on.


But when it comes to the understanding the condition of their biggest linear assets, their poles and wires network, utilities are still in the dark. The smart grid is no silver bullet. The business case for replacing the vast and aging transmission and distribution grid is tenuous and monitoring technology can come with its own reliability challenges.

GeoDigital Insight unlocks a ‘virtual grid’ to help utilities quickly make remote decisions on the health of their linear assets and threats in their environment. By virtualizing the asset inspection and vegetation management processes, costs are reduced, safety is increased, network reliability is enhanced and regulatory compliance can be simplified.




Our 3D road maps and onboard software are driving cars of the future.

Once considered a thing of the future, it’s estimated by 2032, half of all cars sold will be self-driving. With our big spatial data and insight already helping to better manage critical assets for major industrials, GeoDigital is now breaking new frontiers for motoring by helping to make autonomous driving cars a reality. Our Digital Roads database represents the largest 3D road map in North America to assist autonomous vehicles traveling at high speeds. Assist, our onboard software, combines accurate positioning and awareness beyond sensor range for safer, smoother driving, and Connect allows crowdsourced updates to digital roads in near real time through our big spatial data expertise.


GeoDigital launches 3D virtual decision-making platform for transmission and distribution utilities

DISTRIBUTECH, Orlando, Fla. – February 8, 2016 – GeoDigital International Inc., a leader in 3D services and geospatial intelligence software, today introduced GeoDigital Insight, which enables utilities to remotely monitor and optimize their vast networks of transmission and distribution lines. GeoDigital Insight is a proprietary combination of 3D remote-sensing, predictive analytics, artificial intelligence and mobile […]

BPA Adopts GeoDigital Tech To Protect Grid Against Vegetation Growth

GeoDigital featured in T&D World Magazine article about Bonneville Power Administration selecting the GeoDigital mapping and data analytics solution to boost the cost-effectiveness of the utility’s vegetation-management program. Read the article here: http://tdworld.com/news/bpa-adopts-geodigital-tech-protect-grid-against-vegetation-growth

Bonneville: Bonneville Power Administration (BPA) has selected the GeoDigital mapping and data analytics solution to boost the cost-effectiveness of the utility’s vegetation-management program.

Advanced technology combats greatest threat to the power grid: tree limbs and vegetation Predictive analytics prioritizes vegetation threats for mobile-enabled field crews Boosts system reliability and productivity on thousands of miles of transmission lines Atlanta – December 9, 2015 – GeoDigital International Inc., a leader in big spatial data and analytics, today announced that Bonneville […]