Cars of the future will not only drive themselves, but will talk to each other too.

When maps are not 100% accurate and up to date, it can be frustrating. When it comes to self-driving vehicles, there is no room for error – maps must reflect every road detail and change almost as soon as it happens.

Keep current
With GeoDigital Connect, self-driving cars can detect feature changes and pass updates to the master database in near real-time, making travel safer and faster for everyone. For example, if a self-driving car “detects” a new road sign or other road feature, it can capture that change through secure communications using 4G or Wifi to the master digital road in the industrial cloud. Then, using GeoDigital’s spatial data processing and analytics expertise, those changes are correlated and can be transmitted to all cars on the road as needed.

Planned updates are captured too
GeoDigital is in discussions with other automotive industry participants, including state and federal regulatory bodies that oversee the transportation industry, to monitor the status of road infrastructure.