Former NERC senior investigator endorses GeoDigital’s PCM program with WorkStudio software for FAC-003-3 compliance

Robert Novembri, former NERC Senior Investigator and utility vegetation management expert, has concluded that GeoDigital’s Precision Corridor Management (PCM) solution, a program that delivers highly accurate LiDAR and imagery data through easy-to-use software, supports compliance with the requirements set forth in NERC’s transmission vegetation management standard, FAC-003-3. Mr. Novembri performed an indepth review in which he evaluated the effectiveness of GeoDigital’s solution and concluded that this offering presents utilities with a complete solution for FAC-003-3 compliance.

Mr. Novembri stated, “GeoDigital’s offering uniquely combines program planning, objective analysis of potentially encroaching vegetation, mobile applications for inspections and internal audits, and the ability to rapidly produce the supporting documentation that NERC auditors need. The PCM Program is well-aligned with the needs of transmission utilities to comply with the requirements of FAC-003-3.”

FAC-003-3 introduces several key changes in how transmission vegetation management is regulated. First, it requires utilities to validate annually that no vegetation encroaches into the Minimum Vegetation Clearance Distance (MVCD) around transmission lines at maximum rated conditions. Because maximum rated conditions can rarely be observed in the field, prior to the GeoDigital solution, utilities had to create massive safety buffers adding additional expense.

GeoDigital’s PCM solution applies PLS-CADD models and proprietary algorithms to LiDAR data to precisely identify all potential vegetation encroachments at maximum rated conditions and allows clients to visualize the results in 3-D. This geospatial intelligence can be brought into the field to inspect the identified threats, and create appropriate work orders for vegetation clearance.

FAC-003-3 also presents a unique paradigm with respect to annual compliance. Whereas earlier regulations simply required that utilities have a documented Transmission Vegetation Management Program (TVMP), the new standard requires that utilities complete 100% of their planned inspection and maintenance work each year. GeoDigital’s WorkStudio suite provides program planning and reporting for all NERC applicable lines by collecting and analyzing field results versus planned.

Mr. Novembri goes on to state “Based on my review of GeoDigital’s PCM solution, when fully implemented, I believe it provides the capability to support utilities in objectively attaining compliance with FAC-003-3. The WorkStudio enterprise software platform is very robust and its WorkPlanner module supports requirements R1, R2, R3, R5, R6, and R7. Additionally, the data
that is collected in the field through VegWorks supports the applicable components of R1, R2, R4, R5, R6, and R7.”

Chuck Anderson, GeoDigital’s Senior Vice-President for the North American Utility Market, said, “Robert Novembri’s knowledge and experience have earned the respect and trust of the utility vegetation management industry. His expertise in how utilities can best comply with FAC-003-3 is unrivaled. GeoDigital is the only company in the industry providing a fully compliant solution for FAC-003-3 compliance. This endorsement demonstrates the strength of GeoDigital’s PCM
approach and our commitment to fully meeting the needs of the utility industry.”

About Robert Novembri
Robert Novembri is the Founder and President of Novembri Consulting, LLC and a former Senior Investigator for the North American Electric Reliability Corporation. Mr. Novembri has 44 years of utility experience and over 26 years of experience in the utility arboriculture field. Mr. Novembri formerly served as Partner and CEO at CN Utility Consulting, LLC and as the Director of Vegetation Management Operations at Pacific Gas and Electric Company.

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