Dispelling Three Common Misperceptions About Autonomous Vehicles: How Digital Roads Are Paving The Way To Self-Driving Cars

North America’s GeoDigital is building ultra-precise digital roads as the essential building block for the autonomous-vehicle industry The importance of precise 3D road maps to the future of autonomous cars was recently highlighted by a German car consortium’s plans to buy Nokia Here, a European digital mapping provider, for US$2.7bn. Major developments are also occurring […]

New GeoDigital vegetation management calculator estimates over $1 billion in savings for north american utilities

By moving from human to digital inspections utilities in North America can conservatively save $1 billion, reduce risk of vegetation-related outages whilst improving efficiency, safety and enabling compliance GeoDigital, a big spatial data and insight company, has partnered with The McDonnell Group, a leading integrated energy industry marketing firm, to launch an online calculator which […]

Digital Vegetation Management: A Billion Dollar Opportunity

In 2003, overgrown vegetation and power system issues brought havoc to the Northeast United States and lower Ontario. In the second largest blackout in world history, 55 million people were left without electricity, in some cases for more than two days, for reasons that went unexplained for weeks. Images of thousands of New Yorkers navigating […]

NERC FAC-003-2 goes into effect July 1, 2014. Will you be ready to comply? PCM from GeoDigital will assure that you are!

Our PCM Program for Electric Utilities empowers you in these areas: Streamlined Decision Making PCM provides you with knowledge, data and confidence – enabling faster and more accurate decision-making Increased ROI Precisely focus your application of resources, to lower costs and increase efficiencies across the enterprise Reduced Risk Detailed and in-depth knowledge of NERC regulations […]

GeoDigital International Inc. Highlights PCM Precision Corridor Management at ISA 2013 Conference

Hamilton, Ontario, August 21th, 2013 — Attendees at the recent ISA 2013 Conference in Toronto had the opportunity to learn more about GeoDigital International’s industry leading Precision Corridor Management (PCM) program. This comprehensive solution offers utilities more than just data or software modules. It provides a complete geospatial asset management system designed to integrate with […]