GeoDigital International Inc. Highlights PCM Precision Corridor Management at ISA 2013 Conference

Hamilton, Ontario, August 21th, 2013 — Attendees at the recent ISA 2013 Conference in Toronto had the opportunity to learn more about GeoDigital International’s industry leading Precision Corridor Management (PCM) program. This comprehensive solution offers utilities more than just data or software modules. It provides a complete geospatial asset management system designed to integrate with a customer’s existing enterprise workflows, including support for mobile operations.

GeoDigital International’s CEO Alastair Jenkins commented: “From the customer’s perspective, PCM saves them time and money. For the first time, they have a business partner whom they can rely on to be there over the entire lifecycle of an asset. The continuing growth in demand for our Precision Corridor Management services is the best indication that we are providing customers with true value – in the form of return on investment and lower risk. It’s all about delivering results.”

Electric utilities and other corridor asset owners require accurate and timely geospatial information, especially during an emergency. PCM embodies more than 20 years of experience in working with customers, to understand their need for timely, reliable geospatial information that is accessible across the entire enterprise, under the most demanding conditions.

About GeoDigital International
GeoDigital International provides utilities and other distributed asset industries with industry-leading geospatial information management solutions. With one of the largest fleets of airborne/mobile LiDAR and digital imaging sensor systems in North America, we collect and process data under the most challenging project schedules and conditions. Our custom-designed, enterprise software products are then tailored to meet the specific business workflow needs of our customers, including the ability to support mobile workforces in real time. As these needs change, GeoDigital continuously improves our services, with the goal of delivering timely, mission-critical geospatial information systems that increase efficiency and reduce risk. To better support our customers, we have offices strategically located throughout Canada and the United States.