NERC FAC-003-2 goes into effect July 1, 2014. Will you be ready to comply? PCM from GeoDigital will assure that you are!

Our PCM Program for Electric Utilities empowers you in these areas:

  • Streamlined Decision Making PCM provides you with knowledge, data and confidence – enabling faster and more accurate decision-making
  • Increased ROI Precisely focus your application of resources, to lower costs and increase efficiencies across the enterprise
  • Reduced Risk

Detailed and in-depth knowledge of NERC regulations is programmed into PCM

As part of our continuing effort to provide the latest technology for serving the needs of our electric power transmission customers, GeoDigital offers this detailed introduction to our comprehensive, next-generation program, which leverages our 20 years of industry-leading experience and ongoing innovation in utility corridor management.

PCM consolidates all GeoDigital’s products and services into a focused, customer-centric solution strategy, with the goal of assisting Electric Utilities in their NERC compliance efforts, and establishing mutually-beneficial, long-term business relationships with our enterprise customers.

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